The Benefits of the Mountanaz Token

Yield farming

Yield Farming on the Mountanaz ecosystem is a practice in which users who have cryptocurrencies invest them to maximize their return on investment. Users who purchase $MRI will get the chance to maximise their returns in this investment.

Yield Farming entails lending or staking your cryptocurrency coins or tokens in exchange for transaction fees or interest as compensation. You're essentially lending money to the bank, so it's equivalent to earning interest on a bank account. Likewise, it's similar to the yield on a bond or a dividend in conventional investment.

Yield Farming will increase liquidity on the platform, and the more liquidity there is, the more money that may be borrowed for holders of the $MRI Token.


Staking is the process of retaining tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet to receive a reward and support the blockchain network's security and operations. Staking, simply defined, is the act of placing coins into a cryptocurrency wallet and maintaining them there to get incentives.

You may earn interest and the chance to vote on critical issues affecting the ecosystem by owning and staking the Mountanaz $MRI token.

The staking protocol creates liquidity pools, with pools of staked earning incentives divided proportionally among liquidity suppliers or stakers.

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